Petals necklace P2

€300 Unavailable
€300 Unavailable


Materials: Leather, glass beads, silver clasp
Available in blue or orange
P2 necklace

Fashion accessories, Watch and jewelry, Exhibition, Exhibition: Bijoux d'artistes de Calder à Jeff Koons. La collection idéale de Diane Venet.


Michèle Forest has a visual artist perspective on creating author jewelry. Jewelry is the art of the intimate: wearing a creation means revealing it, claiming a true corporal aesthetic.

If current trends put the contemporary jewelry creation in a more conceptual vision that progressively moves away from the art of adornment itself, Michèle Forest' creations seek to express a true aesthetic where sensuality and materials are reconciled in order to create the enjoyement of wearing a unique piece of art. Between finery and ethnic jewelry, she creates stories more than artefacts, which speak for the everyday life.

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