Smoky Tortoise Necklace

Smoky Tortoise Necklace
Smoky Tortoise Necklace
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Shagreen & Tortoise jewels are handcrafted in a Parisian studio from silver dipped in 18k gold. The gemstones are selected and cut in Jaïpur and the shells are non-protected species
sourced mainly in the Indo-Pacific region. Their diversity of shape and color makes each piece a one-of-a-kind.

Fashion accessories, Watch and jewelry, Exhibition, Exhibition: Bijoux d'artistes de Calder à Jeff Koons. La collection idéale de Diane Venet.


The Designer
While admiring the intricate design of an urchin brought back from her travels, Marie-Hélène Loubrielle had the idea of setting it with a simple star ruby cabochon. From this first piece was born Shagreen & Tortoise, a line of exquisite jewellery blending rose cut gemstones with the unique textures and colors of natural shells.

Marie-Hélène was born in Paris but grew up in New York, São Paulo, and Singapore, building her inspiration upon these many contrasted cultures. During her years in New-York, she became fond of retro mid-20th century jewelry, in particular of designers Seamann Schepps and Verdura, who produced exceptional jewelry pieces from nature's underwater treasures.

The name Shagreen & Tortoise stems from luxurious sea materials frequently used in jewelry in the early 20th century. Both Shagreen, the skin of the ray, and Tortoise, the shell of the hawksbill turtle, are old French words now mostly common in English.

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