Way XL earrings

Way XL earrings
Way XL earrings
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Isabelle Michel bijoux
After studying the history of art, graphics and fashion at the Charpentier Academy in Paris, Isabelle Michel works in a Parisian gallery in the rue de Seine specialized in painting of the 19th century.
She then turns to antiques and opens her shop dedicated to the tableware and ceramics of the 50s.
By bargain-hunting for six years, Isabelle gradually discovers that it is through the realization of jewelry that she can best express her creativity.
To develop her creations, she uses her cultural references, her ability to capture the times, her emotions and her passion for fashion and accessories. Torque necklaces, wide cuffs, geometric earrings, couture jewels, urban, poetic. Isabelle lives and works in Paris.

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