Poster Dior Femme Chapeau

Poster Dior Femme Chapeau
Poster Dior Femme Chapeau
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A2- 420 x 594 mm

Stationery, Writing, Imagery


Fashion, from the first sketch of a dress to the fashion show of the new collection ... From the work of the little hands to the fitting of the models ... From the curve of an elongated leg to the refined beauty of a model ...

Gérard Uféras slipped into the couture workshops of the House created by Christian Dior in 1946.

Immersed in velvets and taffeta, sliding between magic bustiers and pleated enchanting, the eye on the lookout and the smile on the shoulder, Uféras, always fair, always complicit, immersed himself for many weeks in those who create and fashion fashion .

Gérard Uféras amazes us and moves us to better reveal these professions, these talents, these unique know-how that sign a claw. With the new look in mind, this Dior spirit made famous in the second half of the last century, it is a current, sensitive and tender look that it offers us today on the mythical house.

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