Les cheveux de Léontine

Les cheveux de Léontine
Les cheveux de Léontine


Language : French
Author : Remi Gourgeon
Publisher : Nathan
Weight : 0.5 Kg

Publication date
21.2 x 36.4 cm
Children, Youth Books, Exhibition, Exhibition - Of hair and fur


Summary: Léontine is a shy and lonely little girl who is teased by other children. Her long black hair allows her to hide and isolate herself. They are also a link, the only link that connects her to her father, who died when she was little. One day, she realizes that they come to life and protect her when she falls, help her, make her laugh, her life changes. She feels stronger, and can taste the pleasures of life and friendship.

A tender and poetic album for children from 4 years old.