Les cheveux et les poils

Les cheveux et les poils
Les cheveux et les poils


Language : French
Author : Dussaussois Sophie
Publisher : Milan
Weight : 0.33 Kg

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21.6 x 22 cm
Children, Youth Books, Exhibition, Exhibition - Of hair and fur


A new edition of the title Les Cheveux et les Poils, in the collection Mes p'tites questions (intended for ages 7 and up) to tackle a seemingly light subject, but which raises many issues. We answer all the scientific and societal questions children have about hair.

16 children's questions to understand everything about hair What is hair made of ? Are hair and body hair useful ? How does hair grow ? Why can boys have beards and mustaches ? Why is my dad losing his hair ? Why do we shave ? What is a boy's haircut ? Do all children get lice ? Why do we have to wash our hair ? Why do some people have frizzy hair and others have straight hair ? Since when do we wear wigs ? Why do people make fun of my hair ? Are all babies born bald ? Why do women cover their hair ? Can we do what we want with our hair ? Does hair have magical powers ?
We discuss hair growth and renewal, the usefulness of hair and hair. We also dwell on the different types of hair, the cultural evolution of haircuts, their symbolism and the struggles they sometimes represent.

A documentary book on an original subject, which speaks about our world This documentary answers all the questions in an educational way, via diagrams and detailed scientific explanations, but also in a playful way, thanks to simple questions and pictures full of colors and context on which the children can lean to understand everything about the subject. It offers an opening to the world and to society, clarifying with kindness and respect the cultural practices on hair. Women's rights, gender identities, racism, this book touches on many of today's major issues !