Mulan poster: "Une histoire au mur" - Allegra de Maigret

Mulan poster: "Une histoire au mur" - Allegra de Maigret
Mulan poster: "Une histoire au mur" - Allegra de Maigret


This product is presented as part of PARIS DESIGN WEEK, taking place from September 7 to 16.

Artist Prune Nourry's interpretation of the Mulan legend.
Each poster is accompanied by an "educational" sheet, dedicated to the artist's biography
the artist's biography, explaining how the work relates to the text and key messages, and a sheet of
stickers with a QR code to listen to the story read by a child.
The story's key values

Courage #Family #Loyalty #Humility

The legend is based on a medieval poem, The Ballad of Mulan.
This ballad recounts the sacrifice of an officer's daughter who decides to join the emperor's army
emperor's army, with her family's approval, to spare her loved ones an inevitable death. The tale
deals with 4 values: courage, humility, family and loyalty to one's country. Mulan is also
a warrior who asserts herself in the midst of a very masculine world, showing that women are
equal to men, and just as capable. People shouldn't be judged by their sex.

Prune Nourry

Prune Nourry is a French artist living between New York and Paris. The "backbone
of her work is sculpture. She also creates ephemeral performances, films and installations.
installations. In her projects, she raises ethical questions linked to the notion of balance in the broadest sense: the body and healing.
in the broadest sense: the body and healing, demographic imbalance (due to scientific
such as gender selection), the ecosystem and the interdependence of living species.
A true Amazon of our time, she inspires us with her art and her fighting spirit. In 2012,
inspired by the famous soldiers of Xi'an (China), the artist created 8 sculptures, the Terracotta
Daughters, including the one shown here illustrating the Mulan legend. Prune then entrusted the 8 molds to
artisans to create 108 unique combinations. This army of girls questions the
cultural preference for boys, still entrenched in many countries. After a world tour
around the world, the army was buried in China in 2015 in an undisclosed location.
in 2030, the date identified as the apogee of the gender imbalance.
Associating this work with the mythical legend of Mulan seemed an obvious way of
the symbol of a strong, courageous and independent woman.