L'histoire Du Sport

L'histoire Du Sport
L'histoire Du Sport


Authors: Stéphane Frattini, Stéphanie Ledu, Virginie Vidal

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24,5 cm × 21,5 cm × 1,4 cm
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At first, humans run to hunt or escape danger... Then, one day, they challenged each other to play. This encyclopaedia retraces the history of sport and explores a wide range of disciplines, with their records and values. 1, 2, 3... go! It's not easy to choose a sport when you're a kid! This book introduces you to a wide range of physical activities: team sports, individual sports, sports with a ball, an animal or an accessory, water sports, winter sports or sports with an artistic dimension...
It's a proven fact that sport is good for morale and health. It contributes to children's muscular development, balance and body awareness. This book also presents the values of sport, which contribute to the development of social and human links: respect for others, fair play and team spirit!