Marguerite petite Reine

Marguerite petite Reine
Marguerite petite Reine
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Antoon Krings
Gallimard Jeunesse

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190 x 190 mm
Bookshop, Youth, Exhibition, Exhibition Drôles de petites bêtes d'Antoon Krings


Little Marguerite knows that one day she will be queen of bees. But, recluse in the palace, she feels lonely, and sad of not being able to run or foraging with others, whose freedom and joie de vivre she craves. The opposite of his cousin Huguette the wasp who, treacherous and jealous, plays him very bad tricks! One evening, she draws him to the end of the garden, not far from a pond, while Marguerite can not swim! But, thanks to Louis the moth, little by little it is an unknown world that opens thus to the little queen. As a prelude to other adventures ...