Nora Petit rat de l'Opera

Nora Petit rat de l'Opera
Nora Petit rat de l'Opera
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Antoon Krings
Gallimard Jeunesse

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190 x 190 mm
Bookshop, Youth, Exhibition, Exhibition Drôles de petites bêtes d'Antoon Krings


With her pink ballet flats and tutu, Nora is pretty as a heart. You have to see her trottiner Avenue Opera by humming loudly! But one day, distractedly, she stumbles on a plate of sewer and here she falls into the void. Dive! At the very bottom, where a family of ragged rats lives, the ugly Rabouille. Raoul, their little, kind, shy and musician, has never seen anything as graceful as this angel fallen from the sky! Nora cries, she is afraid, but he plays her a little tune: Tutu pretty tutu turlu tutu ... Three little notes of music and these two were for life.