Le Goût pour les laques d'Orient

Le Goût pour les laques d'Orient
Le Goût pour les laques d'Orient


Author : Stéphane Castelluccio

Number of pages
21cm x 27cm


In the 17th century, the terms "lachinage" and especially "varnished" meant lacquered objects. The word "lacquer", although known, began to be used in the current sense from the 1720s, developed from the 1740s, particularly in sales catalogs, to supplant that of varnish, which however remained in used until the end of the 18th century.

Nowadays, the term lacquer used in feminine designates the raw material not used, while in masculine it designates a lacquered object. This book provides a synthesis of the history of the taste for lacquers in France in the modern era, from their import to their use, either practical or as collector's items. This will make it possible to distinguish the convergences and divergences with the porcelain trade, due to the nature of the objects, to their technique, to their uses... If the apprehension of lacquers was different from that of porcelains, the interest aroused by these objects testified to the fascination of Europe for these productions of the fabulous Asia. The sources of archives remain rich and varied.

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