Chic, Sports !

Chic, Sports !
Chic, Sports !


Author: Jacques-Henri Lartigue

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29,6 cm × 29,8 cm × 3,3 cm
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This album, co-published by Actes Sud and Hermès and to be published in March 2013, explores the theme of sport in the prolific work of Jacques Henri Lartigue through a selection of images from his famous albums. A tribute to Lartigue's innovative aesthetic, the book also aims to provide elements for analyzing the development of sports history, since the notion of sport as we understand it today has little to do with the early days of a new era masterfully documented by the photographer.
Sport historian Thierry Terret, professor at the University of Lyon 1 and director of the Centre d'innovation et de recherches sur le sport (Centre for innovation and research on sport), puts the selection into perspective here, organizing it around five themes that unfold the fascinating questions linked to the emergence of sport as an individual practice and a social reality. Anne-Marie Garat also brings her own vision to bear on this photographic ensemble, revealing all its sensibility and elegance, thus echoing the major "A" of this work.