Design Graphique

Design Graphique
Design Graphique
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What relationship does graphic design - as a contemporary practice - have with its history?
Coming from different backgrounds, the authors of the texts gathered in this book have all already contributed to exploring this field of knowledge and reflection.
They bring here a particular light on the making of this history and its multiple forms - written, spoken, drawn, exhibited or published.
Throughout the pages, we meet type designers from the Renaissance as well as from the avant-garde of the 20th century, Jan Tschichold, Marie Neurcth, Edward Steichen and Richard Hamilton, incunabula and design magazines, school archives and museum exhibitions.
Material history and social history intersect, typographic analysis and visual studies complement each other.
This collection of texts provides a varied panorama, enriches our knowledge and offers research tools.
It invites us to measure the importance of the past for creation today - a key to understanding the major role of graphic design in society.