Legend N°1 Zidane, june 2020

Legend N°1 Zidane, june 2020
Legend N°1 Zidane, june 2020


Author: Eric Fottorino
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Exhibition, Exhibition - Fashion & Sport, from one catwalk to another


Vincent Duluc: This writer-journalist is a major contributor to L'Equipe, the newspaper for which he follows soccer. He has published over twenty books. Dan Franck: Novelist, writer and screenwriter, he won the Prix Renaudot in 1984 and wrote Le Roman d'une victoire (1999) with Zinédine Zidane. Jerôme Fourquet: Political scientist, he heads Ifop's research department. A specialist in political behavior, he is the author of the essay L'Archipel français (2019).
Olivier Guez: Writer and journalist, he was awarded the Prix Renaudot in 2017. Passionate about history, geopolitics and... soccer, he is no stranger to the world of sports. Benoît Heimermann: Editor, writer and journalist, he has devoted over twenty books to sport. Frédéric Hermel: Sports journalist, he is the Madrid correspondent for L'Equipe newspaper and has just signed a biography of Zidane.
Besma Lahouri: Independent investigative journalist, she has published a book on Zidane. Stéphane Manel: Illustrator, he works for the European and American press. Stéphane Meunier: Photographer and documentary filmmaker, he produced the report Les Yeux dans les Bleus, in 1998. Teddy Seguin: Photographer living in Marseille, he has just published a book on Zidane's childhood neighborhood, Castellane.