Atours romanesques et modes troubadour. 1804-1848

Atours romanesques et modes troubadour. 1804-1848
Atours romanesques et modes troubadour. 1804-1848


Collection "L'œil de la mode"

Author : Bastien Salva, Denis Bruna

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17 x 24,5 cm
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This book offers to discover the origins and attributes of troubadour fashions that were developed in the first half of the 19th century.
The term "troubadour" is associated with anecdotal style painting which, from the beginning of the 19th century, drew on historical subjects often depicted in moving situations. The craze for the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 17th century then extended to architecture, sculpture, decorative arts, theater and fashion. Artists and craftsmen thus renew creation by drawing on the literature and iconography of a past idealized and fantasized.
In the field of fashion, volumes, cuts, colors, ornaments and accessories from the past are brought up to date. Details are integrated into the clothes whose sleeves are punctured and puffed up, the necklines are
loose, pleated lace collars and toques inspired by period costumes reappear, while thick and colorful fabrics like velvet are brought back to life. These revisited shapes are present in the outfits of women, men and children but also in accessories, adornments and headdresses.
This work is based on written sources and on numerous magazines, such as the Journal des dames et des modes, accompanied by illustrations which offer a faithful testimony of the enthusiasm gained by the whole of the society of the time for the picturesque world of troubadours.
Designed to satisfy the interests of students, amateurs, researchers and specialists at the same time, this book explores an unknown and fascinating subject in the history of fashion and taste.