Generations Sneakers

Generations Sneakers
Generations Sneakers


Authors: Mathieu Le Maux, Martin Basset

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21,9 cm × 29,0 cm × 2,7 cm
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A tour of the Sneakers planet, from sport to fashion, from politics to pop-culture This is the story of how a sports accessory became an object of everyday consumption, then of covetousness and even power. From the stadium to the street, from Olympic catwalks to fashion week, from movie sets to corporate open spaces, sneakers have been the world's most-worn footwear since 2022.
They're everywhere. In sport, fashion and pop-culture, but also in business, luxury and politics. And everyone wears them, from 7 months to 77 years old. From the secret history of the Nike Air Jordan 1 to the business of Kanye "Yeezy" West; from its appearances in cult series and films past and present to its strategic reclamation by politicians or tech bosses; from the timeless classic we've all owned one day to the most unlikely luxury variations, Générations Sneakers offers a richly documented overview of what is no longer a phenomenon but a veritable epic.
Sneakers are no longer just an object. They are a reflection of our times.