Cinquante ans d'élégances et d'art de vivre

Cinquante ans d'élégances et d'art de vivre
Cinquante ans d'élégances et d'art de vivre


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Cecil Beaton (1904-1980), the emblematic fashion portraitist and "Prince of photographers", was one of the main figures of the cosmopolitan social life so nicely called Café Society. A society that he conquered with incomparable ease, moving in one step from Europe to the United States, from the salons of the conservative aristocracy to the parties of the most extravagant personalities.
And if we knew Cecil Beaton to be a talented chronicler, we discover in this book that he was also a superb writer. What is it about? Trivia. Let those who would take exception to this go their own way, as Christian Dior advises them: "I understand that this passionate interest in frivolous things can annoy serious people. Too bad for them.
Cecil Beaton is right to write with faith. We know that, of civilizations, it is the perishable that remains". Throughout the pages, portraits of celebrities such as Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel, but also of elegant women, models, photographers and many others follow one another. Thus Beaton incenses an era, remembers the people of influence, rekindles the chic, the spirit and the folly.