Cartel Play Again

Cartel Play Again
Cartel Play Again


Poster designed by gr20 and Cheeri.
Excluded online! These posters were specially produced for the 80s exhibition.

Children of the 1980s, they turned 20 in the year 2000, since then they stopped counting, hoping one day to dive back into their childhood of nylon turtlenecks, hula hoops and fluorescent colors. After working in publishing, cultural communication, identities, digital interfaces, and signage, they finally returned to the future of the 1980s.

Jean-Baptiste Berthezène and Félix Demargne feed their creative landscape with their penchant for bright colors and typography. Since 2008, the studio has focused on the implementation of an accessible design with generous forms. The studio merges this approach
with the development of generative design and object design.