Copper vase | 251mm

Copper vase | 251mm
Copper vase | 251mm


Width 17 cm
Length 17 cm
Height 25 cm
Weight1.55 kg

Decoration, Souvenir decoration


The shape of the Aalto 251mm vase follows the iconic waves of the classic Savoy vase. Thanks to its height and narrower proportions, the vase is perfect for tall flowers such as roses. Now available in warm copper. Architect Alvar Aalto created the Aalto collection for Karhula-Iittala Glass Design Competition in 1936. Compared to the decorative style of the time, his simple and organic vases were a revolutionary statement. Since then, the collection has become a staple of modern Scandinavian design. Each Aalto vase is mouthblown and hand-crafted at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.