Dark grey vase | 160Mm

Dark grey vase | 160Mm
Dark grey vase | 160Mm


Length 20.8 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 1.55 kg

Decoration, Souvenir decoration


Inspired by the many lakes in his native Finland, design legend Alvar Aalto's fluid waves ("aalto" in Finnish) made quite a splash when they won the 1937 Paris World Fair. Since then, Aalto's waves have become a timeless symbol of Scandinavian home design and his creative signature from architecture to glass. Each iconic Aalto vase is mouthblown, then hand cut before going through several polishings at the Iittala Glass Factory. The glass vases make a striking addition to any home interior while the dark grey colour adds elegance. The wider size showcases fuller flower arrangements. A perfect gift idea.