Football Platini T-shirt

Football Platini T-shirt
Football Platini T-shirt
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100% organic cotton: our T-shirts are made exclusively from organic cotton from India, grown and processed responsibly, without harming people, animals or the environment.
Combed cotton: combing separates the cotton fibers from each other, keeping only the longest ones for a more resistant yarn that's easier to dye. In the end, your T-shirt is stronger and more vibrantly colored.
Grammage: 180 g/m².
Marking: high-definition digital printing. Ecological inks with long-lasting resistance to washing.

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When artist Zoran Lucic pays tribute to soccer players, he doesn't do things by halves! The proof is in the form of this vintage, highly colorful T-shirt featuring our national number 10: Michel Platini.

High-definition digital printing for brilliant contrasts. Made from 100% cotton. Normal size.