The Line New York Black 50 cm

Black - Steel (50 cm)
Black - Steel (50 cm)
Black - Steel (50 cm)


Length : 50 cm
Thickness : 1,5 mm
Color: Black
Material: Steel

Decoration, Wall decoration


Silhouettes for city lovers. Own your favorite places in the world.
The line turns iconic cities into beautiful, timeless lines, black

Every city has its own history and a unique silhouette. The team of The Line thefore traval all accross the globe to find the most detailed and beautiful points of view over the cities, and draw their lines as close as to the reality.

The Line of New York is 50cm long. It is cut in a 1.5mm thick sheet of steel and then finished in black or golden.

Across Jersey City waterfront, we can see from west to east a part of Lower Manhattan with One World Trade Center and Wall Street financial district, then the Hudson River and the stunning Statue of Liberty.

It is wrapped up in a nice cardboard box, including 3 black nails of course!