Khaki and Silver Necklace

Khaki and Silver Necklace
Khaki and Silver Necklace


The necklace is made of pleated fabric (satin polyester), which gives it a slight shimmer and ensures its elasticity and durability. The width of the necklace is 50-55 cm and each one is made of eight 3 mm wide strips that can be washed, stretched and used at any time, making them fashionable, easy to live with, both in summer and winter.

Fashion accessories, Watch and jewelry, Exhibition


Alexandra Tsoukala is a Greek designer based in Athens. In 1992 she established a studio where she designs and handcrafts light sculptures, furniture, jewelry and fashion items. Her materials are iron and fabric. In 2008, she received an award for excellence from the German Manufacturers' Committee in the FORM 2008 competition. Her creations are sold all over the world, as well as in 85 museum stores.