Les Blondes - T1

Les Blondes - T1
Les Blondes - T1


Language : French
Author : Gaby (Scriptwriter), Dzack (Draughtsman)
Publisher : Soleil
Weight : 0.388 Kg

Number of pages
Publication date
22.4 x 29.7 cm
Children, Youth Books, Exhibition, Exhibition - Of hair and fur


What is a blonde who turns into a brunette? An artificial intelligence Stereotypes and fantasies are mixed to reach the following conclusion: men prefer blondes! Beautiful, seductive, naive, clumsy and awkward, they covet them, they show them off like a trophy and then... they get bored. Like all good things, we must not abuse them... Except to laugh about it! Let yourself be seduced by Les Blondes, an album of hilarious gags. And who knows, maybe they'll laugh too. (That is, if they understand them...)