Benjamin Graindorge YMER&MALTA

Benjamin Graindorge YMER&MALTA
Benjamin Graindorge YMER&MALTA


Edition Silvana Editoriale
Format: Hardcover

Number of pages
21 cm x 26 cm
Bookshop, Design


This book, dedicated to the French designer Benjamin Graindorge and the Ymer & Malta design studio, is part of a process to promote contemporary decorative arts, initiated in 2013 by the Borély museum.

Through a series of pieces presented in the prestigious setting of Château Borély, 18th century country house, this catalog emphasizes the creativity of an artist who combines traditional materials with a very contemporary aesthetic.

Its furniture and objects, made of noble materials such as marble, leather, glass, ceramics or solid wood, pay tribute to the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts, Faience and Fashion of the City of Marseille .

The house Ymer & Malta is the interface between the work of Benjamin Graindorge designer and the manufacture of works, entrusted to craftsmen of high level. This approach, both artisanal and artistic, gives priority to the use of sustainable materials that bring to his creations a real value of durability.

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